Searching the band rehearsal studio in Japan??

Sunset Music Room offer the best time for overseas tour band’s rehearsal with professional equipments,great soundproof studio and English speaking stuff.

You can book anytime you want to rehearsal,we open everyday 24 hours for your band rehearsal.

You can use this studio for 1 hour at 1,600〜22,00yen and for 6 hours at 10,000 yen on nightly package.

Here is the list of the equipments….

Mixing ConsoleMG16XU
Power AmplifierYAMAHA P3500S
Sound ProcessorBOSE SP-24
Main SpeakerBOSE 802Ⅲ 、BOSE 802Ⅳ
CD Player&RecorderTASCAM CD-RW900MKⅡ
Microphone for vocalSHURE SM58、AUDIX OM3
Other MicrophoneSHURE PGA56 、PGA52、SM57



  1. Marshall JCM2000+1960A Cabinet
  2. Highes&Kettner Tri Amp MKⅡ+TC412 A60 Cabinet
  3. Black Star ID100TVP 100W+Mesa/Boogie 4×12 4 Guitar Cabinet w/Armor
  4. Fender Hot Rod DeluxeⅢ
  5. Roland JC120
  6. AER Alpha (for Acoustic)
  7. Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier +Mesa Boogie 4×12 4 Guitar Cabinet w/Armor


  • Amped SVT-3PRO+HSVT-810E Cabinet
  • Ash Down ABM EVOⅢ+MAG810 Cabinet


  • Digital Piano: Roland FP-30
  • Synthesizer: Roland JUNO-DS


  • Roland KC-350
3 toms10″x9″、12″x10″、14″x12
2 floor toms16″x16″、18″x16
bass drum22″x18″
kick pedalIron Cobra twin-pedals
kick pedalDW 5000
Zildjian & Paiste Cymbals
A Custom&RUDE16″crash X 2、20″ ride cymbal、14″ hi-hats、10”splash


There are lots of sightseeing spots around the Sunset Music Room. We can also guide you some good hotels and where you want to visit in Aizu Wakamatsu City.

Lake Inawashiro

You can see Mt.Bandai from Nunobiki Windmill hills

Tsuruga castle is very close to studio,it will take 10 minutes on foot

Great Sake made from good water and rice

Mt.San No Kura

Nagatoko temple in Kitakata city

You can get some great Soba at Ouchi Juku

Sazaedo in Imori hills


Go visit Aizu for cool band’s rehearsal and great foods,Sake and wonderful nature!! You’ll see the real samurai spirits;-)


for studio info and booking…

CALL:+81-242-23-8485  (SUNSET MUSIC ROOM)

or email:

Thank you.

SUNSET MUSIC ROOM/ 1-18 Babamachi  Aizu Wakamatsushi Fukushima, 965-0035 Japan